1. Human Development Index is .732 and its rank in the world in #88
  2. The GDP growth percentage was .50% as of 2016
  3. The Adolescent fertility rate in Ecuador was .76% as of 2015
  4. The total defense budget for Ecuador is $2.3 billion
  5. As of 2015, over 93% of Ecuadorians had access to fresh water supplies
  6. As of 2016, the overall labor force participation rate of Ecuador was 69.2%, with the female to male ratio being 67% as of 2014
  7. The Corruption Perceptions Index score for Ecuador was 31 in 2016, and their ranking was #120
  8. Although Spanish is the most commonly spoken language in Ecuador, there is a significant percentage of the population that speaks the native language of Quechua, and the languages have influenced each other in this nation. Ecuadorians are much more physically affectionate than people in the United States, a quality exemplified by the fact that they often kiss each other on the cheek as a greeting. They are very animated when they speak.
  9. Ecuadorian workplaces expect formal and professional attire, but they do not place much importance on expensive fashions. There are formal/informal verbs tenses and pronouns in Spanish, and sometimes higher-ups prefer to be addressed formally, though as people familiarize with each other, this expectation may be dropped. The Ecuadorians do value time, but not in a rigid way. They are flexible within reason, and people do not always need to arrive to work on the dot, as long as they are there as a respectable time.