This week, I chose to focus on two law schools in the Boston area, Harvard Law School and Boston University Law School. I’m interested in getting a degree in International Law so that I can hopefully go onto a career in development and/or policy work, with a focus on global poverty. A degree in International Law allows for a lot of versatility, and the ability to change your path during your years of work. I could be employed in anything from the state department to Amnesty International, and even transition to different projects throughout my career. The schools I chose are the most competitive in the Boston area for law, and in this particular field, the ranking of your graduate school matters quite a lot. Although it is still possible to practice law without a top school, to reach the elite level of this field, it is important to graduate from somewhere impressive. I hope to reach a level where I am involved in international political crisis, as opposed to being a more traditional, courtroom lawyer. I could, potentially, just receive my BA in Political Science and International Affairs, and still do similar work, however, there are many more interesting opportunities for someone with an advanced degree under their belt. There is also more mobility to rise in a certain company or organization. For example, organizations like Amnesty International employee human rights lawyers as part of their staff. I would also be very interested in work surrounding policy reform. There are many organizations, such as consumer rights groups in Washington DC, that assist in writing legislation that is put before congress. This job, of course, requires a law degree, and could allow for a me to have a direct way to create tangible change. There are a few faculty members that I would be very excited to work with at these schools. William P. Alford is a professor at Harvard Law School. He is the Vice Dean for International Legal Studies at the school, the field I hope to study in. At Boston University, I would be excited to work with Robert D. Sloane, who specializes in International Law, and International Criminal Law. They are both clearly experts in the field that I want to pursue, and would provide me with not only a great education, but also with a network of connections that could help me with my future career.