I attended one of the meetings of the UNICEF group on campus, after getting on their mailing list at the start of the semester. The UNICEF group here at Northeastern works to build grassroots momentum for the mission of protecting the rights of the world’s children. UNICEF does work in 150 different countries around the world, helping to ensure that every child will someday have a chance at a healthy and safe life. It is important that people continue to prioritize groups like UNICEF, and that public interest in the work they do is maintained. The group does volunteer work in the Boston community as well as raising awareness. At the meeting I attended, we spent time discussing a date for volunteering with community table. It is great that the organization not only brings attention to the work UNICEF is already doing, but actually branches out and brings its own initiatives to our city. It is a great way to put your motivation into direct action. UNICEF even threw a gala at Northeastern this semester, and organized a clothing drive that people could donate to on campus. Although I did not have time this semester to be involved regularly with the organization, I am planning on becoming an active member next fall. I hope to do work surrounding human rights in the future, and it is great to get involved right away with an organization that works to protect the most vulnerable members of our population.