About Sarah

Sarah Hennessey is a fifth year student with a combined major in International Affairs and Spanish Language, Literatures, and Cultures and a minor in Chinese Language at Northeastern University. Her academic focus is the culture, history, economic development, geopolitics, and international affairs of Latin America with a specific focus on the Southern Cone (Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, and to some extent Paraguay, Bolivia, and southern Brazil). Within International Affairs, Sarah’s key areas of interest include human rights/humanitarian aid, economic development, climate change, protection of indigenous peoples, patterns of inter and intra state migration, the application of international law, agricultural sustainability, women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, religious conflicts, and the impact of neocolonialism. Sarah embraces a mixture of liberal and constructivist ideas, but acknowledges both merits and flaws in all three major schools of thought in international relations (including realism).

In 2014, Sarah spent six months on coop in Buenos Aires, Argentina, working for the very small grassroots community action NGO RAZONAR, which fights to this day to prevent and respond to the epidemic levels of poverty, domestic violence, drug addiction, and human trafficking in the neglected conurbanos to the west of the capital city. The “boots on the ground” human rights work Sarah completed there continues to inspire her studies and career aspirations to this day.

On campus, Sarah is a board member of the Good Vibes Spiritual Community and is also a member of NU Downhillers, NU Interfaith Council, NU Pride, Queer Student Union (QSU), and the Latin American Student Organization (LASO). She tutors high school students in algebra, Spanish, English literature, and social studies twice a week. In her spare time, she enjoys strategic board games, trying new foods from around the world, writing poetry, hiking, and exploring Boston on her mountain bike.

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